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Metallurgy is the basis of modern industry, but also is a measure scale of modern industrial development. It is has been widely use in all important industrial sectors : transportation, mechanical engineering, steel engineering, power engineering and environmental technology. Metallurgical equipment is variety, not only the raw material factories require equipments, it also includes equipments from upstream to downstream process steps required for the metallurgy process, the rolling process, the formation process and the like. On these devices, equipped all kinds of bearings. These bearings are used under the metallurgical equipment unique "iron", "water", "hot" conditions, but also to meet the "heavy shock and vibration loads ", "from low speed to high speed acceleration or deceleration," such as the use conditions for use in very harsh conditions of their holdings.

Cooperation with well-known manufacturer of equipment and production operators, LYC develop corresponding bearing for Metallurgy industry. Customized LYC Rolling bearing performance is still quite good even in extreme application, their quality to ensure a high level of equipment utilization. LYC has all the necessary bearing for metallurgical equipment , including the bearings from the ISO standard specifications bearing to self-developed high-performance bearings and other products. In addition, for the metallurgical industry demand for high-value-added products and environmentally friendly products, we take appropriate measures to provide new solutions recently.


Ore blast furnace and converter through a series of processing, the final products are steel. Steel can be produced by about 2,000 different alloy steel, these alloy steel in continuous casting equipment cast into ingots and slabs. LYC bearing steelmaking series includes ladle turret bearing, electric stove, on a variety of converter trunnion bearing.

Continuous casting


1.In continuous casting, continuous casting apparatus using the guide roller support, and guidance from the plane perpendicular to the horizontal plane. To avoid deformation, usually a plurality of guide rollers to support the rolling bearings.

2.These bearings need to meet the conditions of high load, low speed, splashing water and high temperatures.

3.Guide roller can take a variety of different designs of self-aligning roller bearings or cylindrical roller bearings (open, non-split or sectioned).

4.In the top section of 0/1 using needle roller bearings.

5.According to the position of use and maintenance conditions for the continuous casting equipment bearing on the service lifetime of one year to several years. The lifetime is closely related to the sealed type and quality.

Steel Rolling


Produced by the process of casting billets, steel ingot and slabs may be produced by the process of rolling to got the desired shape, size and characteristics of the products. This process is complete by rolling mill.

Nonferrous Metal

Non-Ferrous Metal

China Aluminum is the third aluminum processing varieties after rapid development aluminum profiles and foil. From the current development situation, the development of aluminum strip industry will be fierce than aluminum profiles and aluminum foil. Looking back the history, it is not difficult to find that Chinese aluminum strip's development, especially when twin-roll continuous casting machine successfully produced in large quantities and universal application, created favorable conditions for ordinary aluminum with large-scale production, consumption and export, format China's use of cast rolling way to produce international comparative advantage of general-purpose aluminum strip. LYC Bearing Co., ltd has provide solutions for a variety of aluminum sheet casting machine, cold rolling mill, aluminum foil rolling mill facilities.


1.LYC metallurgy bearings includes smelting equipment metallurgical bearings, rolling bearings and auxiliary equipment bearings which about 70% of the total accounted for rolling bearings.

2.lYC has developed more than 450 kinds of new products each year, includes high-precision, high-tech, high value-added Sendzimir mill bearing, double sealed/four-row tapered roller bearings and high-speed wire rod mill bearing. In terms of accumulated metallurgical mill bearing all kinds of metallurgical equipment master more than a thousand varieties of specifications.

3.LYC metallurgical mill bearing products are widely used in Baoshan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Sha Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel Group and Shandong Iron and Steel Group and other major domestic steel producers.

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